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About "Hydrostandart"

Supplier of whirlpool components in Russia and the CIS countries since 1996, holding "Hydrostandart" is the leader in this segment of the plumbing market.

The presence of a specialized engineering and technical division, production full cycle platforms, the largest in Eastern Europe stock allows us to act as a strategic partner of the largest manufacturers of spas, and companies manufacturing high-tech whirlpool, spa and health products.

Our profession is personalization of products of clients (electronics, products made of ABS and PVC, hoses, sanitary chemical liquids and headrests) according to the individual technical projects, development of corporate design, engineering assembly sites, marketing support, training of technical personnel, regular seminars with the participation of foreign partners.

Along with a wide range of whirlpool components and air massage "Hydrostandart" delivers on the long-term, exclusive contracts production of the leading European producers: mixers for bathrooms and sinks, drain and overflow, shower systems and rack rails for bathrooms, sanitary chemical liquids and fittings, sanitary ware.

Permanent participant of international exhibitions in Milan, Bologna, Frankfurt, we provide our clients with technological innovations and designs.
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